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Bryan Yocum

Bryan Yocum

Bryan Yocum draws on an extensive background in the oil and gas industry to help clients improve oil and gas field performance and to optimize the design of upstream and midstream facilities. A leading expert in upstream operations, Bryan has over thirty years of experience working with international and national oil companies as well as providers of oilfield services and equipment. He has constructed the engineering design basis for a wide range of oilfields and pipeline systems covering several million barrels per days of capacity across the Middle East, USA, North Sea, North Africa, Venezuela, India and Indonesia. Additionally, he has advised clients on a range of issues including management of upstream assets, performance improvement, and oil field services.

Regarding asset management and performance improvement, Bryan has helped a number of clients achieve significant cost savings from the better management of existing facilities and the addition of new ones. This has included identifying and quantifying facilities bottlenecks, avoiding slug flow, and optimizing well gas injection.

In oilfield services, Bryan has led both our research and client work in many projects including engineering, construction, logistics, offshore production and subsea equipment, and well services. Bryan’s oilfield services work includes ARAMCO as the Assistant Chief Engineer of the Plants and Pipelines Division, the Operating Services Company of Iran (consortium of Shell, BP and Exxon) where he was the Head of Petroleum Engineering and Process Development, the Suez Oil Company where he served as a Senior Consultant Engineer covering advanced well recovery operations and at NPS Yocum as President.

Bryan received a B.S. in Chemistry from Columbia College, a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University School of Engineering and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and has authored several papers for the SPE, Oil and Gas Journal, Offshore, and other major publications. Topics Bryan has written on include virtual metering, slug flow, and design optimization of upstream oil and gas facilities.

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