EnSys Yocum
Providing Software and Services for Oil Field Performance Improvement

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Oil Field Projects

Our international experience covers the United States, Latin America, Europe (North Sea), North Africa, Middle East, and the Asia/Pacific region. The EnSys Yocum software is based on unique field data analysis in Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Sea, Alaska, Indonesia, Venezuela, and India. The simulators are field proven on a range of crudes from extra heavy crudes to retrograde condensates with exceptional accuracy – 700+ systems simulated (several million barrels per day).

Our field experience includes:

  • Rigorous design and performance analysis
    • multiphase flow through vertical and inclined wells
    • horizontal/multilateral well systems
    • two-and three-phase separators / field conditioning
    • risers/downcomers and hilly terrain
    • pressure crude and gas transmission pipelines
  • Construction of the engineering design basis for upstream facilities development
  • Accurate multiphase flow simulation to support field consulting/design studies
  • PVT correction to enhance the performance of multiphase and wet gas meters via “virtual metering” software (alternative to expensive hardware multi-phase meters) through extensive databanks on reservoir fluids and proprietary PVT correlations
Middle east

EnSys Yocum has long been an industry leader in facility design and operation analysis directed at mitigating slug flow and optimizing oil and gas production systems (both surface and subsea).  In SPE Paper-170595-MS (2014), the authors state, “Yocum was the first to identify multiple severe slugging mitigation techniques” and in SPE Paper-150364 (2012) the authors state “Severe Slugging was first reported in offshore oilfield production systems by Yocum.”  To this day, EnSys Yocum continues to pioneer cutting-edge solutions to the most pressing upstream production challenges and de-bottleneck flow systems.

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