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Europe/North Sea Oil Field Projects

Erskine Field for Texaco (North Sea)

  • Delivered a multiphase PVT Meter Correction Program for Venturi meters. A retrograde condensation system.

Forties Field for BP (North Sea)

  • Simulation of multiphase flow for fixed platforms with subsea completions including natural depletion, water injection, and gas lift options
  • Simulated slug flow in risers
  • Comparison with BP field test results indicated simulation accurate to ± 1-2% in wells and ± 5% in gathering systems for 46 deviated wells and gathering systems.

Buchan Field for BP (North Sea)

  • Simulated multiphase lines, gas-lifting, risers and downcomers
  • Simulation of flow regimes, slug size and frequencies, gas/oil separators, cease flow, and inoperable flow ranges
  • Recommended optimal gas injection rate to provide steady flow over range of operation.
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