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Far East Oil Field Projects

Offshore Production for ONGC (Mumbai, India)

  • Simulated offshore production for multiple wells via platform/riser using annular gas lift

Offshore Production for Unocal (Serang, Indonesia)

  • Simulated production for offshore separator, through a 29 mile pipeline, and 3 stages of onshore separation
  • Calculated flow capacity, separator effluent qualities (oil-in-water and water-in-oil), and gas carry under and liquid carryover in each stage

Duri Field for Caltex (Sumatra, Indonesia)

  • Simulation of separator and related facilities for a high viscosity heavy, foamy crude oil

Naharkativa (Assam) to Calcutta

  • Performed multiphase flow calculations for oil supply pipeline from Assam fields (India) to Calcutta
Middle east

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