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Middle East/North Africa Oil Field Projects

Ghawar Field (Saudi Arabia)

  • Developed calculation and design procedures for multiphase flow system for 90 wells and corresponding flow system

Ghawar Field (Arab Zone D), Saudi Arabia

  • Simulation and in-depth performance analysis for a 10,000+ bpd multilateral well
  • “What-if” analysis conducted to evaluate the effect of potential modifications to the well (i.e. avoid cease flow in the laterals and increase oil production)

Safaniya Field (Saudi Arabia)

  • Performed multiphase flow calculations for field and trunkline facilities
  • Design recommendations and follow up analysis of operations

Berri Field (Saudi Arabia)

  • Performed multi-phase flow calculations of 36″ offshore trunkline gathering production system from offshore platforms

Feridoon (Arabian Gulf)

  • Simulation of a 60 mile 24 inch multi-phase trunkline gathering production system from four (6) well platforms.

Ras Budran (Egypt)

  • Simulation of gas lift systems, injection valves, and compression facilities
  • Installation of EnSys Yocum production models for Suez Oil Company (SUCO)

Ras Fanar (Egypt)

  • Simulation of field facilities including various submergible pumps
  • Techno-Economic Studies of Several Offshore Concessions
  • Wells and facilities financial analysis and evaluation of Magawish, Amal, North Durag and Hurgada oil fields

Uthmaniya – Abqaiq – Ras Tanura Pipeline System (Saudi Arabia)

  • Performed calculations for pipeline, pump station, power supply and tankage in order to meet flow capacity requirements

Safaniya-Ras Tanura Pipeline System (Saudi Arabia)

  • Performed calculations for optimum pipe size wall thickness profile, location of pump stations and line looping to increase capacity

Das Island (Abu Dhabi)

  • Simulated gas/condensate offshore pipeline (18 miles)
  • Guaranteed flow capacity for sales contracts and recommended field design

Paris Field (OSCO)

  • Simulation of multiphase gathering system

Pazanan Field (OSCO)

  • Simulation of multiphase gathering system

Marun Field (OSCO)

  • Simulation of 124 wells and gathering system including gas-oil separators

Gach Saran (OSCO)

  • Simulation of the gas condensate gathering system including slug catchers, separators, and compression stations
  • Provided design recommendations for line sizing, routing, etc.

Naft-E-Safid Gas/Condensate System (OSCO)

  • Simulation of 24 inch line over hilly terrain
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