EnSys Yocum
Providing Software and Services for Oil Field Performance Improvement

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North America and Latin America Oil Field Projects

Hamaca Field for PDVSA/Ameriven (Venezuela)

  • Simulation of the pipeline and multi-stage separation facilities for 190,000 bpd Hamaca field for high viscosity heavy crude oil.

Cabimas Field for Preussag Energie (Venezuela)

  • Simulated multiphase dual boost pump/compressor versus single phase trunkline system with conventional pumps and compressors
  • Simulation provided detailed optimized design of facilities in a low pressure field (30 psig wellhead pressure)

Austin Chalk, Texas

  • Simulated 100 horizontal wells in total across 6 separate lease areas (most drilled to a depth of 1100-1400 feet)
  • Predicted field production based upon simulation runs and historical production of adjacent well performances
  • Performed economic evaluation of the wells

Prudhoe Bay for ARCO (Alaska)

  • Integration of the EnSys Yocum PVT Meter Correction Program with a partial separation multiphase meter

Prudhoe Bay for ARCO (Alaska)

  • Detailed plan and designs for large diameter three phase flow trunklines connecting multi-well clusters to gas/oil separators
  • Economic design and avoidance of slug flow and cease flow restraints. Preparation of project proposal and specifications for construction. Extensive testing to develop accurate three phase simulation and performance models.
Middle east

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