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Water Management Study for Unocal in Serang, Indonesia

Field Background:  EnSys Yocum was contracted by Unocal to assess current field operations and recommend system modifications to increase capacity and meet water disposal requirements for the Serang, Indonesia offshore facility.  In the Serang field, 21 offshore oil wells produced a total of 63,000 barrels/day of oil and water. The summary fluid characteristics were: Crude […]

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Oversized Gas-oil Separator Design Project in Duri Field (Sumatra), Indonesia

Background: Caltex and Texaco selected EnSys Yocum to evaluate installation options for separation facilities in their 106,000 bpd Duri (Sumatra), Indonesia oil field. A major obstacle to separation was the high viscosity oil-water emulsion.  This problem was further compounded by sand content exceeding 2 volume percent. The summary fluid characteristics were: Crude Oil: 19.0˚ API […]

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Case Study II: Surface line and gas-oil separator optimization for a Venezuelan heavy oil field (Hamaca)

Engagement Background:  The Venezuelan Hamaca oil field was one of four major projects underway in the Orinoco belt which involved the extraction of extra-heavy crude and bitumen deposits.  The 9° API extra-heavy Hamaca crude oil was diluted with naphtha to 16° API in order to lower its viscosity and enable the fluid to flow through […]

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Case Study I: Surface line and gas-oil separator optimization for a Venezuelan heavy oil field (Cabimas)

Engagement Background and Field Overview: The Venezuelan Cabimas oil field was originally developed by Shell Oil in 1917 and had declined over the years to a reservoir pressure of only 300 psig, with the facility operating at 30 psig in the gathering trunklines and flowing into booster stations at 1-3 psig. Because of the low […]

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Simulation of Subsea Facilities and Riser Systems

EnSys Yocum has applied their software and technology employing advanced calculations to implement innovative solutions for alleviating production constraints and maximizing oil production in several subsea oil fields.  Accurate simulation and de-bottlenecking of subsea flow systems is becoming progressively more important as subsea projects involve greater depths and are increasingly susceptible to potential flow constraints […]

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EnSys Yocum Recognized as an Industry Pioneer in SPE Papers

EnSys Yocum has long been an industry leader in facility design and operation analysis directed at mitigating slug flow and optimizing oil and gas production systems (both surface and subsea).  In SPE Paper-170595-MS (2014), the authors state, “Yocum was the first to identify multiple severe slugging mitigation techniques” and in SPE Paper-150364 (2012) the authors […]

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Gas Injection Wells in the Ras Budran Offshore Oil Field (Gulf of Suez)

Field Background The Suez Oil Company sought to develop the offshore oil field Ras Budran located in the Gulf of Suez.  Several gas lift wells were drilled but the wells were only producing at 25 percent of design capacity.  EnSys Yocum was contracted to assist with field performance improvement. Reservoir and Well Characteristics: API 32.1˚gravity […]

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Accuracy of Modeling Multiphase Flow in Oil/Gas Upstream Facilities

EnSys Yocum has often been asked what type of accuracy can be achieved in simulating multiphase flow through oil wells, gas-oil separators, and surface flowlines.  This blog entry discusses the accuracy of the EnSys Yocum simulators WELLSIM, GOSPSIM, and PRODSIM and the various forms of error encountered in modeling upstream facilities. When working in the Middle East, […]

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Electric Submersible Pumps in the Zeit Bay Offshore Oil Field (Gulf of Suez)

The Suez Oil Company sought to develop the offshore oil field Zeit Bay (Gulf of Suez) and, in the process, encountered significant technical hurdles.  EnSys Yocum was contracted to assist with the design of the field facilities and evaluate the results of various installation options. Field Background:  The crude was 31˚ API with a gas-oil […]

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