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Performance and Design Services

EnSys Yocum is an industry leader in upstream oil and gas field performance analysis.  Our engineers have over 100 years and several million bpd of combined service in upstream facilities design and operation, providing in-depth analysis to increase field performance and to establish designs that meet long term needs.  For over thirty years, EnSys Yocum has helped clients in a variety of ways, these include:

  • Improving field performance by identifying and resolving bottlenecks in existing wells, separators and surface flowlines, defining effective equipment modifications and predicting and avoiding slug flow in subsea risers and other flow systems
  • Designing large and small scale oil well and flowline systems across many world regions and types of fields from extra-heavy oil to condensate
  • Designing and sizing 2- and 3-phase gas-oil separators again for production systems dealing with light and heavy extreme fluids as well as conventional crudes


For examples of our Performance and Design work please read the following reports:

Sample analysis on a natural flow well located in the Middle East.

Summary of a Recent Multilateral Well Simulation for Performance Improvement

White Paper on Bakken Field conditioning/separation facilities

To find out how EnSys Yocum Consulting Services can help your business today, please give us a call (781-274-8454) or email info@ensysyocum.com. We will set up an exploratory call or meeting to discuss your requirements and to identify how we can help your business.

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