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Oil Production and Separation Facilities Simulation (PRODSIM/GOSPSIM)

PRODSIM (production facilities simulation) is a rigorous, multi-phase, steady-state, pressure temperature flow (PTQ) simulator designed for and proven against hundreds of oil and gas field production systems.

Surface and Subsea Facilities Modeling:

  • Flowlines including subsea lines and production risers
  • Multi-stage gas-oil separators
  • Multi-stage surface pumps
  • Chokes, valves, sand traps and other surface equipment

GOSPSIM (gas-oil separator module) provides oil field operators with enhanced ability to design and simulate gas-oil-water separation systems; providing throughput capacity and effluent quality analysis for single or multi-stage separation including predictions for:

  • Gas-carry-under and liquid-carry-over
  • Oil-in-water and water-in-oil

PRODSIM/GOSPSIM benefits include:

  • Improve production flow rate knowledge through calculation of multiphase flow rates for reconciliation with production separators and multiphase meters
  • Identify and relieve flow system bottlenecks
  • Evaluate and optimize single/multi-stage GOSP performance including assessment of options (e.g. via new internals) for alleviating bottlenecks and improving separator efficiency (e.g. via new internals)
  • With WELLSIM, crosscheck on test separator performance and improve reconciliation with separator outlet single phase meters
  • Establish basis for improving production including through testing of “what-if” scenarios

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