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The EnSys Yocum Pressure-Volume-Temperature Package (PVT Package) database includes 30+ assay database that can be used for the “quick and simplified” modeling approach to WELLSIM, GOSPSIM, and RTSIM.  The more rigorous approach is to process a reservoir fluid assay from the field into a coefficient set via the offline and self-contained EYI PVT Model.  This is the recommended process when a high degree of accuracy is desired, a reservoir assay from the field is available and/or a close assay does not exist in the EnSys Yocum database.  The graph below illustrates the assays in the EnSys Yocum database:

GOR API Scatterplot

The following reports show how the PVT Package can be used:

Sample analysis on a natural flow well located in the Middle East.

White Paper on Bakken Field conditioning/separation facilities

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