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Oil Field Reservoir to Terminus Simulation (RTSIM)

RTSIM (reservoir to terminus) provides an integrated multiphase solution for “one stop” flow analysis from the reservoir pay through well (natural flow, submersible pump, or gas injection) and any surface facilities configuration including separators, surface equipment, etc.

RTSIM benefits include:

  • Identify and relieve flow bottlenecks across the entire system
  • Early identification of flow problems
  • Provides the well and surface line deliverability through calculation of multiphase flow rates across the integrated flow system
  • Enables design modification, de-bottlenecking, and optimization via performance analytics including flow system potential curves.

Example:  Past applications of RTSIM have examined the effect of well workovers.  Even if this process improves well productivity, the surface flow line may not deliver more production because the gas-oil separator is actually the constraint/bottleneck on the system deliverability.

In summary, RTSIM provides detailed results by simulating the flow system as an integrated whole (as opposed to simulating the flow system in separate pieces), and can thus provide valuable insight when considering capital investments or operations improvement.

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