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Oil Well Simulation (WELLSIM)

Well Simulation (WELLSIM) is a rigorous, multi-phase, steady-state, pressure temperature flow (PTQ) simulator designed for and proven against hundreds of wells.  It calculates well flow, profile information, performance analytics, flow regime prediction, cease flow, well shutdown/startup analysis, and flow integrity & well corrosion analysis.  Additionally, WELLSIM can be used to generate the conceptual design basis for the construction or re-work of wells.

Well Types:

  • Natural flow
  • Gas lift
  • Electric Submersible Pump (ESP)
  • Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)
  • Sucker Rod Pump

WELLSIM Benefits:

  • Provides advanced offline analytics,  including well potential curves, to understand, predict and raise well performance
  • Delivers the ability to assess and modify well configurations
  • Provides the engine for online virtual metering as a low cost and low maintenance alternative to hardware multiphase meters (MPFM’s)
  • Fully replaces MPFM with installation of a water cut meter

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